Fullerton Housing Looks Promising

Home Living Report – Fullerton, CA Real Estate News by Diego Loya The Fullerton Real Estate market in 2013 had some big gains. Homes increased to it’s highest levels since 2007. The same trend will continue into 2014. As long as the hunger from buyers to buy up homes stays strong, home sellers will reap […]

Time to Party This New Year's!!

With New Year’s right around the corner, it’s important to get your groove on. Whether you are at a club, bar or house party, you definitely this song is gonna be on. What better way to start burning off the alcohol, food and candy by dancing Gangnam Style. Gangnam Style. The sudden explosion of a South Korean entertainer named […]

View the Space Station Today!!

Today the International Space Station will fly over Brea and Fullerton and other areas of Orange County and Los Angeles. The Space Station will be visible to the naked eye. Conditions are right as there are Santa Ana Wind conditions that should keep the skys clear. Today at 5:59PM the International Space Station will be […]

How to create a valuable emergency kit

How to create a valuable emergency kit With all the natural disasters highlighted in the news. It makes you think if you are prepared. Here’s a helpful video that shows what you need to create a valuable emergency kit. How to Create a Valuable Emergency Kit You have most things you will need in case […]

It's Time For Laker Basketball

The weather is cooler, the leaves are falling, school buses fill the street. This only means on thing, it’s time for Los Angeles Laker basketball! This 2012-2013 Laker basketball year will be one of the most exciting in recent memory. With a powerhouse lineup, you can’t help to get excited. This year The Staples Center […]

Looking for an Egg-Cellent Breakfast Spot in Fullerton?

Fullerton home owners have no shortage of fantastic restaurants, but when you’re looking for a fantastic breakfast spot, Early Bird Café delivers. Joseph Mahon is cooking up some amazing breakfast creations, including one of the best omelets in Southern California. Mahon used to man the grill at Burger Parlor, and was also the executive chef at […]

Fireworks in Orange County

I love fireworks in Orange County. 4th of July is my favorite holiday. That’s me last year below. Well, my 2nd favorite holiday after Christmas. The 4th of July means so many things, pinics, bqqs with friends and family, parades, small town celebrations and fireworks in Orange County. It means that summer is full on. […]