Google Project Sunroof Lets You Calculate Solar Savings

Google Project Sunroof is a new tool that lets you calculate your home’s solar power potential. Now you can compare what you are paying currently with your utility versus installing solar panels on your home and you can compare the cost. Project Sunroof, a tool that calculates your home’s solar power potential using the same […]

Is Solar Power Right For Your Home

Going solar is the most popular thing in home improvement these days. In every neighborhood you see neighbors install solar panels on their roof. As costs have come down and technology has improved installing solar panels to feed a home’s energy needs has become popular. Solar panels will reduce or eliminate your electric bill by generating […]

Black Friday Ads and Sales Going on Now Around Orange County

Black Friday is about getting the best shopping deals the day after Thanksgiving. Or at least, that the way it use to be. Lately the trend has been for stores to open earlier and earlier Friday morning until they opened the earliest they could, midnight. Then some stores started opening Thanksgiving day. This year, more […]

How to Make Delicious Jello Shots!!

I remember the 1st time I tried a jello shot. It was on Halloween about 15 years ago somewhere in Hollywood. I remember this night because we decided to drive from the west side of Los Angeles through Hollywood. Only problem was that they shut down the streets for the yearly Hollywood Halloween festival or […]

Updates to Your Brea Home’s Kitchen That Will Pay You Back

Whether you’re looking to make renovations to your kitchen to get more enjoyment and functionality out of it, or you’re looking to catch a potential homebuyer’s eye, there are several updates you can make to your Brea home’s kitchen that can help your chances of selling and can drive up value. Here are a few […]

Reasons to Make Green Upgrades to Your Fullerton Home

According to NPR, going green has been a trend taking businesses, car manufacturers and the real estate market by storm in the past decade. People are getting more environmentally aware and trying to employ environmentally friendly substitutes for everyday items. Making your Fullerton, California home more eco-friendly may seem like more hassle than it’s worth, […]