Are There Deals in Real Estate

“Deals” And “Bargains” In Real Estate The myth: It is widely believed by the public (and even by many real estate practitioners!) that there are “deals” or “bargains” to be had in real estate. The thought is that, in good markets or in bad, somehow a property can be purchased “below market price”. The reality: […]

Seller Financing, What is it?

Seller Financing (So-Called “Seller Cadrries”)   So-called “Seller Carries” are getting to be more common as landlords or empty nesters age and want out. The advantages, generally, are these: – The Seller may get a slightly higher price. – Although the interest on the note is taxable, it is additional income for the life of […]

1031 Tax Exchange Quick Tips

TAX DEFERRED (1031) EXCHANGES A GENERAL SUMMARY FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY The so-called “ten-thirty-one exchange” (1031 refers to the controlling section of the IRS Code) was designed and is administered for the purpose of delaying the payment of any taxes on capital gains as long as the principal(s) involved observe certain rules and time-lines. No […]

Investors Now Cashing Out of Real Estate Investments

In the last year I’m never been so popular with investors. I’ve gotten calls, emails, invitations to fancy dinners, drinks on the house. Yeah it’s been a fun year a wining and dining but unfortunately to investors I couldn’t put out much. See investors got so desperate for new fresh meat (houses not me) they […]