Know Your Options – Fannie Mae

These days you have to know your options. If your buying a home you have to know your options. If your selling your home, you need to know your options. If you are trying to loan mod or short sale, well you know the answer. Know your options! Luckily Fannie Mae has created a web […]

See How Many Foreclosures Are On Your Street

Map of Foreclosures for Hacienda Heights  La Habra Heights  La Habra Maybe you are just curious or need to make an important decision on whether to go forward with a loan modification or short sale. Here you see the amount of properties that are in some sort of the foreclosure process. As of 1-10-2011, Hacienda […]

High-End Homeowners Falling Into Foreclosure Trap

High-End Homeowners Falling Into Foreclosure Trap Heated pools, ocean views and media rooms are not what most people would expect to find in a foreclosed property, but more high-end homes—priced over a million dollars—have been falling into the hands of banks this year. This foreclosed home in Fort Mill, S.C. is currently listed at $1.148 […]

California Approves Tax Forgiveness on Short Sales

Leading the Way…® in Real Estate Law NO MORE STATE TAX ON FORGIVEN DEBT “Qualified principal residence” indebtedness is defined as debt incurred in acquiring, constructing, or substantially improving a principal residence.  It includes both first and second trust deeds.  It also includes a refinance loan to the extent the funds were used to payoff […]

More Homeowners Walk Away From Their Homes

In 2006, Benjamin Koellmann bought a condominium in Miami Beach. By his calculation, it will be about the year 2025 before he can sell his modest home for what he paid. Or maybe 2040. “People like me are beginning to feel like suckers,” Mr. Koellmann said. “Why not let it go in default and rent […]