See How Many Foreclosures Are On Your Street

Map of Foreclosures for Hacienda Heights  La Habra Heights  La Habra

Maybe you are just curious or need to make an important decision on whether to go forward with a loan modification or short sale. Here you see the amount of properties that are in some sort of the foreclosure process.

As of 1-10-2011, Hacienda Heights has a total of 341 properties in some sort of foreclosure. 115 are in pre-foreclosures, meaning that they have missed at least 3 months worth of payments and their lender has issued a Notice of Default, NOD.From this point, the borrower has at least 90 days to became current or come to some arraignment with the lender to make payments, modify the loan or sell the property on their own, most likely a short sale.

201 are scheduled for auction. At this point the borrower has not made payments or a successful arraignment with the lender and the 90 days since the notice of default has passed. The lender has issued a Notice of sale, NOS. This document will state the property will be up for sale at auction on a certain date.As of 1-10-2011, the properties listed for auction have a sale date pending in less than 4 weeks.

25 are bank owned. The lender was not able to sell the property at auction and the home has reverted back to the lender. At this point the lender will put the home for sale as a bank owned home.

In La Habra Heights, as of 1-10-2011,  there are a total of 44 properties in some sort of foreclosure. 16 are Notice of Default, NOD, Pre-foreclosure properties.  25 are scheduled for auction within the next 4 weeks and 3 are bank owned.

In the city of La Habra, as of 1-10-2011, there are a total of 357 properties in some sort of foreclosure. 124 are Notice of Default, NOD, Pre-foreclosure properties. 192 are scheduled for auction within the next 4 weeks and 41 are bank owned.

This map does not include any homeowners that are late on their mortgage payments and have not received a notice of default, NOD. This is estimated to be at least 25% of homeowners.


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