Take Action if You Are in Pre-Foreclosure Status

There’s no reason to put your home at risk. Prevent a foreclosure of your home. Take action today. If you need to know what to do to stop a foreclosure, we can help. If you are having difficulty making your monthly mortgage payments, you can protect your home, but you must act immediately. Your actions […]

When Can You Buy a Home Again After Foreclosure

So your ready to buy again but you’ve had a foreclosure and you ask yourself these questions. How long do I have to wait? How do I qualify? What steps to I need to take to be eligible? Can I be a first time buyer again? What a difference a couple of years can make. […]

Consequences in Short Sale Or Foreclosure

Should I Short Sale or Foreclose?? Going the route of a short sale or foreclosure is a really tough decision. There are many factors and pitfalls in each. In the last couple of years there has been reform through the federal as well as the California legislature for homeowner protection. It is a good idea […]

California Homeowner Bill of Rights Becomes Law

Governor signs California Homeowner Bill of Rights into Law California Governor Jerry Brown signed into on July 11th 2012 the Homeowner Bill of Rights to help struggling Californians keep their homes. This law aims to avoid foreclosure where possible to help stabilize California’s housing market and prevent the other negative effects of foreclosures on families, […]

Want to Purchase a Home After a Short Sale, Foreclosure or Bankruptcy?

What you need to know when buying a home after a short sale, foreclosure or bankruptcy. A common question sellers from a short sale, foreclosure or bankruptcy have now that they want to re-purchase a home today is, “How long must I wait before obtaining financing after short sale, ¬†foreclose or bankruptcy?” An important step […]