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How Can I Improve My Brea Real Estate Photography?

cameraPhotography can make or break a home sale or purchase. Luckily, there are several things you can do to improve your Brea real estate photos. According to an article from, these are some things you should keep in mind while snapping pictures of your home:

  • Focus on the important details: Make sure your real estate photos highlight the best parts of your property. Be selective by avoiding photographs that don’t immediately draw the viewer’s attention. Try to remove clutter from your photos and only include items which make your house more attractive.

  • Use the right photography equipment: SLR cameras with interchangeable lenses work best (and are becoming increasingly more affordable). A wide-angle, 24mm lens should be used for exterior photos of your home.

  • Pay attention to lighting: Take bright, sunny photos using interior lights, a flash or natural lighting. Use a flash to avoid “burned-out” window lighting.

  • Keep your photos updated: Always try to keep your home listing looking new. Update your listing regularly with seasonal photos to keep buyers interested.

  • Showcase your entire house: Take photos of every room in your house, including the kitchen, living room, dining room, family room, bedrooms and backyard.

  • Find a professional: When all else fails, find a professional photographer to take your home photos. Professionals will have the best camera technology and will make sure your photos stand out from the crowd.

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By Diego Loya

Diego Loya is a Realtor - Broker at Home Living Real Estate Brokerage, a Orange County full services real estate company. Over the past 12 years, Diego has helped homeowners sell and buy their homes. He's loves educating and empowering real estate consumers. You can find him on Google, Facebook and Twitter.

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