How to Buy a Home

Foreclosure Victims Qualify for First Time Buyer Assistance

How To Buy A HomeMany California home owners fell victim to foreclosure, short sale or bankruptcy since the Real Estate Crash of 2007.Recovering from a foreclosure may not be as difficult as you think.In some cases, there are even incentives for home owners experiencing past hardships to become home owners again.

Buy a Home After Foreclosure

Having a foreclosure, short sale or bankruptcy may affect your credit scores at the time of the event, but time heals most credit hiccups as long as you have a plan and understand how to re-establish your credit. Qualifying for a mortgage loan to purchase a home after foreclosure depends on what type of loan you are trying to qualify for.

FHA and VA are the best options for qualified buyers to re-enter the market in 3 years or less.
A minimum 640 credit score is usually required to qualify for Conventional and FHA mortgages, VA requires a minimum 620 credit score to buy a home after foreclosure.

Qualify for First Time Buyer Assistance

The definition of a first time home buyer recognized by many buyer assistance programs, including the State of California CalHFA programs, is that the applicant cannot have owned a home as a primary residence in the past 3 years.

Since the waiting period to buy after foreclosure using a FHA loan is 3 years, home buyers re-entering the market will be considered first time buyers!

California First Time Buyer Assistance Program

CalHFA CHDAP – California Housing Finance Agency –  California HomebuyersDownpayment Assistance Program.

Eligible buyers receive assistance equal to 3% of the purchase price, can be used as down payment or closing cost assistance. Eligible buyers must not exceed program income limits or purchase price.

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