What to Expect During the Sale

What to Expect During the Sale

The most activity will occur the days following the home coming on the market. Agents and buyers will want to come by and see the home. There will be lots of questions and inquiries to your agent. As time goes by you’ll notice less interest in the home as most buyers that were waiting for a home to come up for sale already saw yours. Now only new home buyers barely coming to the market or other buyers  expanding their home search to your neighborhood will notice your home for sale. The best strategy is to take the best offer when there is lots of interest. Historically, this is when you will receive your highest offer.

During this time, keep you home nice and tidy and looking its best! Once offers start coming in, you’ll sit down with your agent discuss the offers and pick the best one. Once all parties sign the offer escrow will open.

Depending on the contract agreed by you the seller and the buyer, escrow normally is set as 30,45 or 60 days. There is usually a real date set to close escrow. During this time the actual sale process will begin. Buyer may elect to come by the home to do any due diligence.

There will be some real estate forms your agent will need for you to go over and escrow documents, like the trust deed, that you will need to sign but the worst of the paperwork is over. This is also the time when you need to start packing. Packing usually takes a lot longer than expected so plan accordingly. One of our agents can help you with logistics, order a storage unit, let you know where the best deal on boxes are or any other help you need.


  • Get everything in writing
  • A close of escrow date is agreed on
  • What is agreed in the contract is what happens in escrow
  • Relax and prepare to move. There’s enough on your plate

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