How Should You Prepare Your Home to Sell

How Should You Prepare Your Home?

First impressions are always most important. Having your home look it’s best will result in the best offer someone will be willing to pay for your home. Think of it as a 1st date. You want to look your best and make a great 1st impression.

Some advice to prepare your home:

      • Get rid of the clutter. The less “stuff” you have in a room, the bigger it will feel. If you have books or papers laying around, get rid of them, store them or hide them.
      • Rearrange your furniture if necessary or take out furniture that doesn’t fit.
      • If you think your home needs new paint, it probably does. Paint the interior of the home a white or off white color. Nothing drastic.
      • Replace flooring if out dated or abused. If you are not replacing flooring at least shampoo carpets or wax/re-stain floors.
      • Leave your home sparkling clean. Make sure trash is empty and there are no dirty dishes. In the bathroom put away any toiletries, close the toilet lid and close the shower curtain.
      • Make your beds.
      • Use candles or scents to give a nice smell.
      • On the outside, maintain your lawn.
      • Plant seasonal flowers.
      • Trim bushes and trees.
      • Paint the exterior of the home with nice accent colors.
      • Have great curb appeal!

You know your home better than anyone else. Think of the best qualities of the home and bring attention to them.

A lot of home buyers have little imagination so if you can show them the potential each area has, the more buyers will like the home. Ultimately the higher price your home will attract.  We offer home staging advise as well as bring in a professional home stager if requested to give your home that new model home feel.


  • First impressions are key
  • It’s the little things that make a big difference
  • A stager can professionally stage your home for you
  • Make your home a “model home”

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