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Where to Watch World Cup Soccer in Fullerton

The Best Places to Watch World Cup in Fullerton

Fullerton is full of restaurants and bars with great food, drinks and atmosphere where sports fans go to watch games on big screens and be with other sports fans. This year many downtown Fullerton bars and restaurants will be showing all the World Cup games with drink and food specials. Most of these establishments are offering food and/or drink specials. World Cup starts Thursday June 12th and here is the list of the best places to watch World Cup Soccer live.


Where to See in Fullerton World Cup 2014 Bars and Restaurants 

 Branagan’s Irish Pub

Branagan’s Irish Pub in Downtown Fullerton will be showing all World Cup 2014 games starting at 8:30am everyday throughout the World Cup. There will be special breakfast menu items to order. Full menu starts at 11:00am. There will also be drink specials all throughout the games including buckets of 4 16oz Pabst Blue Ribbon for $12 and Modelo on Draft. World Cup matches will be playing on all big screen monitors with sound.

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Branagan's Irish Pub Fullerton Branagan's Irish Pub Fullerton


El Farolito Jr.

El Farolito Jr. in Downtown Fullerton is showing all World Cup 2014 games. If you want to enjoy the World Cup soccer games with a bunch of very enthusiastic Latino fans, this is the place to be. They will be open early at 6:30am everyday to bring you every World Cup game. You’ll be able to grab breakfast, lunch and dinner and they’ll have drink specials like 2 margaritas for $6 and other beer draft specials.

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El-Farolito-Fullerton El-Farolito-Fullerton


JP23 BBQ Smokehouse

JP23 BBQ Smokehouse in Downtown Fullerton is showing all World Cup 2014 games along with special menu items and drink specials. JP23 BBQ Smokehouse has the biggest TV screen around and will be showcasing each game. Along with it’s other 42 big screens, there is absolutely no way you will miss any minute of the game. They also have a powerful sound system that will play the games. If multiple games are playing at the same time they have the ability to play different games in different areas of the restaurant each with it’s own sound.

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JP23-Smokehouse-Fullerton JP23-Smokehouse-Fullerton


Matador Cantina

Matador Cantina a staple in Downtown Fullerton will be showing World Cup 2014 games. They will open early for every game during the World Cup and along with their food they will offer Happy Hour Specials throughout each game. 

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Palapa Grill

Palapa Grill in Downtown Fullerton is going all out in showing World Cup 2014 games. They have drink specials, food and will be showing all games with full audio. Palapa Grill is turning their tiki bar into World Cup Central in Fullerton. They will be opening early everyday at 9:00am during the World Cup. All beers will be $3 dollars draft or bottle. They will have breakfast burritos and other special items to serve in the morning.

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Palapa-Grill-Fullerton Palapa-Grill-Fullerton


Revolucion Cantina

Revolucion Cantina in Downtown Fullerton will be showing all World Cup 2014 games. They’ll get started with a kick off party June 12th at 9:00am. They will also be opening early everyday throughout the World Cup starting at 9:00am. Breakfast and drink specials like Tequila will be served. Other food and drink specials will be offered but specifics were not available at time of publication.

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Revolution-Cantina-Fullerton Revolution-Cantina-Fullerton


Stadium Tavern

Stadium Tavern in Downtown Fullerton is showing World Cup 2014 games. Although they are not showing all games, they are showing many with full audio and this place is roomy with lots of big screens to see the game. Drink specials are in the works but were unknown at the time of this publication. Once World Cup enters the finals, Stadium Tavern will open early so you can come catch all the final games.

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Stadium-Tavern-Fullerton Stadium-Tavern-Fullerton

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