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Hidden Cash Heads to L.A.

Hidden Cash Los Feliz FountainHidden Cash has arrived in Los Angeles and already made a drop at the Mulholland Memorial Fountain in Los Feliz area of Los Angeles. The tweet went out last night and read, “First LA drop! Get close to the water, but no need to get wet at this famous fountain.” with a picture of a water fountain. About 20 minutes later the 2 $100 bills were found and tweeted.


Later @hiddencash tweeted, “Next up: Travel scholarship? Or Burning Man tickets? You vote. No more drops in LA til tomorrow afternoon.” At the time of this post, no new clues have been sent but this hasn’t stopped those in Southern California to ready themselves for social media scavenger hunt. 

A person described as a successful real estate investor has been hiding money in different Northern California cities and using the Twitter account @HiddenCash to provide followers with clues to find envelopes that reportedly have $100 or $200 inside, signed “With Love, @hiddencash.” This week he has made the trek to the Los Angeles area. According to @hiddencash, there will be drops made throughout the weekend around Los Angeles and who knows, maybe he’ll make it south into Orange County where the real fun can begin.Hidden Cash coming to LA

Hidden Cash Next up Travel scholarship Or Burning Man ticketsIf you want to follow @hiddencash, head on over to Twitter where you can find him by searching Hidden Cash.

Thousands of dollars have been given to lucky Californians so far, leaving many to wonder why the person behind the @HiddenCash is being so philanthropic.

The @HiddenCash project has been described as “an anonymous social experiment for good” on its Twitter page and Wednesday tweeted that “the only thing Hiddencash is trying to promote is random acts of kindness. Don’t be cynical. There is goodness in the world. Love.”

By Diego Loya

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