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City of Brea Puts Emphasis on Health

In Brea, California, the community tends to pick general themes for each year to remind government officials and citizens alike of important values and initiatives. According to Brea-centric website Beautiful Brea Old & New, 2013 has been dedicated to raising the awareness of the importance of staying fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Many community events and programs have been created to focus on this objective of showing Brea citizens how beneficial a healthy lifestyle is. Brea’s residents seem to want to stick around, and through this initiative to raise awareness of a healthy lifestyle, it looks like Brea shares their sentiment.

The “Active Lives, Healthy City” theme for Brea this year is encouraging citizens to look at the more fit and healthy side of life. The city has several parks and trails, with more being developed. The city of Brea is telling its citizens to play sports, go bike riding and stay active. Through the city’s parks and recreation department, many organized sports are available to sign up for. Recreational sports leagues are being formed for all ages. Also, health education and several fitness options are being offered by the Brea Fitness Center to make sure citizens know not only how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but why it’s important. Another educational resource is found within the Brea Senior Center and Family Resource Center in the form of nutritional education. Eating right can have just as much effect on your life as exercise.

The inspiration for this year’s theme for the mayor is the HEAL program created by the California League of Cities. HEAL stands for “Healthy Eating, Active Living,” and is making a point to battle rising California and nationwide epidemics such as heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Studies have shown that not only a good diet and exercise program, but community activity causes people to be healthier.

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By Diego Loya

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