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Brea-Based Fertility Specialist Seeks to Revolutionize Industry

Dr. C. Terrence Lee, a fertility specialist based out of Brea, California, has done something revolutionary. Dr. Lee helped a family that he had serviced before to conceive a baby through a procedure that was paid for by a transaction with a digital currency called bitcoins. This baby is the first baby that was created with an initial bitcoin transaction.

You may be asking, “What is a bitcoin?” Bitcoins are an experimental digital currency that have been trending around the Internet for some time now, according to CNN Money. Bitcoins have created some national buzz, after gaining recognition from Wall Street due to the trading price’s steep and speedy increase. Currently, there are 11 million bitcoins in circulation. This digital currency, as a whole, is worth over $1 billion. Dr. Lee is an advocate for bitcoins and would like to see them being used more in the medical industry, as well as throughout the entire economy. Lee sees bitcoins as a way for common, everyday people to take their finances back into their own hands. He first stumbled upon this digital currency one day while poking around on the Internet, and he has been supporting it ever since.

The way that this happened is that, in order to advocate the use of bitcoins, Dr. Lee posted an ad on Reddit for a male fertility evaluation to be paid for by this experimental currency. After the successful transaction, Lee branched out and started requesting more of his clients pay him with bitcoins. In the following months, Lee completed several transactions until he found his current claim to fame: a family looking to add another bundle of joy to their household. These repeat customers were certainly skeptical, according to Dr. Lee, but they eventually agreed to pay in bitcoins after they were offered a 50% discount. The baby conceived as a result of the treatment is the first bitcoin baby in existence.

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By Diego Loya

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