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How’s the Real Estate Market in Brea?

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Last 90 day Stats for Single Family Homes in Brea.



Last 90 day Stats for Condos in Brea.


Brea Median Home Price:

The median home price is one of the most common measurements used to compare real estate prices. It is said to be less biased than the mean (average) price since it is not as heavily influenced by small number of very high, or very low-priced homes. Note these are asking prices, not home values. Below are the median home price statistics in Brea for the past 12 months.



Total Brea Home Inventory:

The total home inventory is simply the number of homes currently available for purchase in a given market area. Typically, as the number of available homes goes down, prices increase – simply due to demand. However, this increase can be limited by the income of prospective buyers as well. Below is the number of homes for sale in Brea during the past 12 months.



Brea Average Days on Market:

Days on market (DOM) is a measurement of the age of a real estate listing. Typically, properties with a large DOM will command lower prices than a property with few DOMs because buyers perceive the property as over priced or less desirable. DOM is often used when developing a pricing strategy. DOM can also be used as a “thermometer” to gauge the temperature of a housing market.


*Please note, that references to average days on market represents the entire time a home was listed in the MLS, from initial listing to closing. The actual “Active” days on market may be significantly lower, especially in areas of high demand.


Price Per Square Foot in Brea:

When looking at the average price per square foot, it’s important to consider that there may be attributes which cause one home to be higher or lower in square footage price, compared to a similar home – such as upgrades, view, lot size and location. Below is median price per square foot for homes in Brea during the past 12 months.


Brea housing market statistics are updated on a regular basis. The statistics you see are the most current.


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Homes For Sale in Brea

Currently actives homes for sale in the city of Brea

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