Purchase Home with a Reverse Mortgage

An Outstanding Real Estate Experience

[column small=”12″ large=”9″]“Diego is knowledgeable about all aspects of the process, from putting in offers to financing. He is also up to date with the latest conditions which is absolutely essential in today’s environment. He was able to advise us right away every time we had a question or concern.”[/column]
[column small=”12″ large=”3″]- J & M Smith, Home Living R.E.B. clients since 2012

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 What Makes Us Different?

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What Happens When You Purchase

a Home With a Reverse Mortgage?




[alert_box type=”info” border=”radius”]1 Consultation
2 Reverse Mortgage Counseling
3 Complete Application
4 List current home for sale / Verify assets
5 Find new home
6 Market and procure buyer for your home
7 Write offer for new home
8 Offer is accepted
9 Appraisal / Home Inspection
10 Close sale on existing home and new home concurrently[/alert_box]

Feel confident when you choose me to help you move into a home using a reverse mortgage for purchase, you will feel comfortable that you made the right decision. No more monthly mortgage payments and you live in a home that better fits your needs.

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