How a Buyer Can Get Their Offer Accepted in This Real Estate Market

Being a home buyer is really tough right now. With so many other buyers to compete with and such little homes to choose from, buying a home can turn into a nightmare. While a rising real estate market seems healthy for a recovery, a closer look reveals there are a lot of  pain among buyers. […]

Home Buyer Patience is Key to 2013 Real Estate Market

The 2013 real estate market has brought with it yet another layer of complication for home buyers that have left many frustrated and on the verge of giving up the dream of homeownership. Where Have All The Homes Gone? Wall Street has applied a fresh coat of lipstick on the distressed real estate market it […]

Escrow Terms – Real Estate Must Knows

Now you’re happy that your finally in escrow. Smooth sailing ahead but suddenly you find out that there is a lot of paperwork to sign and the escrow officer and title company are using words you’ve never heard of. When you look at the paperwork to sign, there’s a lot of words you’re not sure […]

How to Improve Your Credit After a Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is just about the best thing you can do to repair poor credit.  After a BK, you have the opportunity for fresh start, starting point with your past behind you.  However, simply filing for Bankruptcy will not improve your credit. This past week I’ve had 3 conversations with different people that went through the […]

Choosing the Right Inspector for Your Brea, California Home Purchase

Choosing the right home inspector for your potential purchase can be the difference between happiness and disaster. Here are some tips to make sure you ask the right questions to determine which inspector is the best to trust with your Brea home purchase. First and foremost, ask your real estate agent about the different inspectors […]

Foreclosure Victims Qualify for First Time Buyer Assistance

Many California home owners fell victim to foreclosure, short sale or bankruptcy since the Real Estate Crash of 2007.Recovering from a foreclosure may not be as difficult as you think.In some cases, there are even incentives for home owners experiencing past hardships to become home owners again. Buy a Home After Foreclosure Having a foreclosure, […]

The Time to Invest in Real Estate is Now

Real Estate Investment Opportunities in 2012 Two thousand eleven was a challenging year. As we put the numerous trials and tribulations behind us, it’s important to look at the opportunities in the year ahead. While the housing market is not without its share of difficulties, there are some bright pots. Foreclosures The inventory of bank-owned […]